Construction of Salt Creek Park should begin in October or November, “probably,” announced City Manager David Casteel at the June 19 Graham City Council Meeting.

“I want to be optimistic, but we have been here before,” Casteel said at the meeting. “So I want to be a little bit hesitant and not make a big promise.”

The United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Brazos River Authority and the City of Graham have come to an agreement in principle, once again, that land needed could be turned over to Graham along with $1.3 million from the BRA for the construction of a park on the east side of Salt Creek.

The USACE began evacuating the land in the 1990s to remove homes and businesses from the path of Salt Creek flooding by purchasing land and deeding it to the BRA. That process is still underway, with 10 parcels of land outstanding. The hold-up on the park project was bureaucratic in nature, but in February 2013, the USACE agreed to allow construction to begin without all the land in the evacuation purchased.

“At some point that agreement was derailed at the Corps level, and things have just flattened out,” said Casteel. “We contacted some of our elected representatives and asked them to assist us with getting a meeting point with the Corps again. Those were handled, and we met with some decision makers at the Corps.”

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