Armandariz (File photo)
A hearing to determine the status of both the defense and prosecution of the Gabriel Armandariz double murder trial took place Tuesday morning at the Young County Courthouse in the district courtroom.

Wes Mau of the state Attorney General's office appeared at the hearing on behalf of the State of Texas. Mau said during the hearing the evidentiary procedures currently being executed by the prosecution should be completed by October, and defense attorneys requested a separate analysis once that is finished.

Judge Stephen Bristow of the 90th district announced during the hearing that the trial, which has been moved to Tarrant County, is set for the first two weeks of January, 2015. Bristow said that he selected January for the trial date because the analysis of evidence will not be completed until October and the defense requires a separate analysis of evidence. Therefore he will need some time for the jury selection process to be completed.

Bristow instructed his court coordinator to work with the Tarrant County district courts to set up trial proceedings for the first two weeks of this coming January, and he anticipates that the trial will take approximately six weeks, with about a month estimated for jury selection and two weeks for the actual trial.

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