Both the County Attorney and Sheriff’s Offices presented their budget requests for the 2015 fiscal year on Monday morning.

While County Attorney Dayne Miller’s wish list focused primarily on increased pay and staff restructuring, both for himself and his staff, Young County Sheriff Bryan Walls’ budget agenda zeroed in on continuing education for dispatchers, jailers and deputies, jail development and improvement of the dispatch situation in Young County.

When it was Miller’s turn to present his requested budget to the court, he passed around a photocopied, handwritten sheet that displayed how much his office’s case load had risen in the past three years. According to Miller’s data, new cases passing through his office went up 44.8 percent from 2011 to 2013, reactivated cases went up 49.75 percent and adjudicated juvenile cases went up 71.4 percent.

It was partially for these reasons that Miller requested pay increases for his position and his staff. Requested pay raises within the County Attorney’s office include an almost $2,000 yearly jump for his chief assistant, from $28,851 to $30,748, and a secretarial salary raise from $28,851 to $29,853. Miller also wrote on his request sheet that he wanted to change his part time assistant to full time status.

One of the largest increases Miller requested was a $10,000 jump in his salary, from $38,607 to $48,607, to which Young County Commissioner Mike Sipes replied that the request was unlikely to be fulfilled, as Miller’s is a public sector job.

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