The Young County Jail underwent a surprise inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards July 2. Although the jail passed, the report indicated that there were deficiencies within the facility, including aspects of sanitation and supervision.

County Judge John Bullock said he received a call from the jail inspector July 3.

“It was off the cuff,” Bullock said. “They were not expecting any jail inspector there. It was a sure enough random draw, and unannounced. We did get a passing inspection, although there were several issues that the jailer thought needed attention, and some of them (needed) immediate attention.”

Bullock said the jailer addressed those issues with Sheriff’s Department Captain Kenneth Cobb.

“Those issues had to do with sanitation and cleanliness, as well as some mortar and window glazing things that the inmates had scraped on and scratched out,” Bullock said.

During Monday morning’s Young County Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Jimmy Wiley said that he noticed sanitation issues at the jail becoming a problem during one of his most recent visits to the facility.

According to a TCJS report, the inspector identified several problem areas in terms of sanitation, from improperly functioning shower heads to an overabundance of soda bottles.

“It was obvious that jailers are not conducting inspections as required to ensure a safe and sanitary facility is maintained,” the report states. “There was an over abundance of soda bottles approx. 15-20 filled with water. An over abundance of books, papers, boxes from commissary and inmate property within the cells which is a fire hazard.”

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