Data presented to the Graham City Council suggest that the region encapsulating Graham and Wichita Falls may be experiencing the worst drought in its history. However, this data, presented July 3 to the Graham City Council by City Manager David Casteel, also predicts a wetter winter is in store.

Casteel and water treatment plant Superintendent Dennis Fellows attended a weather seminar organized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Wichita Falls June 24. Climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon and other weather gurus presented research that Casteel cited, along with other data, in a presentation to the council.

“It's hard to believe we are in the worst drought we have ever seen, but it's got to happen at some time,” Mayor Jack Graham said.

May 2014 concluded the driest 44-month period in the area's history, according to Gammon. Just over 61 inches of rain fell in that time. The second-driest period for the area ended in March 1955 with 65.77 inches. This drought is the second worst on record for the state, Casteel said.

“They talked about this area being in the worst drought ever as more a function of bad luck than anything else,” said Casteel. “The climate has been such recently that we could be in better shape, but the rains have just missed this area. It's mainly a function of luck.”

“It's not the windmills,” Graham joked.

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