Political Action Committee Young County Citizens For Responsible Taxation disclosed Thursday evening that they were more than three quarters of the way to initiating an election to dissolve the GRMC taxing district.

During the meeting, the opposition group, which until now has kept its petition data close to the vest throughout its months long campaign, YCCRT adviser Lonny Hawkins revealed that the PAC has so far collected approximately 1,000 signatures on the way to its goal of 1,500.

Legally, the group needs 1,250 signatures, or 15 percent of registered voters in the district, according to guidelines established by the Texas Health and Safety Code.

“We are in the process of going door-to-door now,” Hawkins said. “So, if we haven’t been by to see you, we soon will be.”

As YCCRT nears its Oct. 14 deadline, PAC leaders discussed the best strategies to reach more people, especially a younger demographic of homeowners ages 20-40. The opposition group started late in 2013 in protest of the then newly established Graham Regional Medical Center hospital district ad valorem tax rate of 36.5 cents per $100 of property valuation.

The group’s first two meetings at the beginning of 2014 filled the Graham Senior Citizens Center to near capacity, and interest in creating a movement to dissolve the GRMC taxing district and eliminate the subsequent property tax was high among PAC supporters.

After launching its petition drive in late April, Hawkins remained steadfast in his confidence that the group would garner the needed amount of signatures, but until now, hasn’t released any progress reports. The group hopes to have reached its goal by Sept. 15, but has until Oct. 15 before initial signatures gathered in April become invalid.