This week on the Hot Seat three-sport athlete Conner Smith talks about his upcoming junior year at Graham. The football reciever also plays baseball and track, where he throws discuss. Smith talks about the challenges of playing two spring sports, his favorite athletic team and his bucket list.

Tori: Hardest part about playing two sports at the same time in the spring, baseball and discuss for track?
Conner: It's just trying to juggle the more important situation, the thing that's more important between     the baseball game and your discuss. Every game is a team sport. You want to be there to win     points for your track team to see them do the best that they can do. You also want to try to win     the game for the baseball team. It's tough sometimes.

T: Do you feel added pressure this year knowing you are one of the top recievers on the football team?
C: I don't think of myself as that player, that star player. Nobody on the team really does. You're always just trying to do what's best for the team and everybody has a role to play on every sport that you participate in. When everybody does their job and does that role, that's what leads you to a win, a winning record and just an all-around good season.

T: Favorite sports team?
C: Texas Rangers

T: What is a Rangers game you always remember?
C; Maybe not a certain game that I remember, but I always remember going to the ball park as a kid, going with my dad, going with my brother. Just being able to have fun at the ballpark because I love that sport. It's fun to see the pros do it.

T: If you could play with or talk with any athlete who would it be?
C: Josh Hamilton. He's not with the Rangers anymore, but I think just his story from being in bad things growing up and overcoming that and doing what's right and getting back on track amazes me. I respect that. That's why he's my favorite player because he was going down the wrong track and he fixed his life up and now he's on the right one. That's a good example for a lot of people.

T: What's a game you watched or played in that you will never forget?
C: My brother (Carter) was a senior whenever I was a freshman. (His football team) came through and set another high standard that we've all been gunning for with the state semi-finals. And this year being able to be on my team and go just as far as they did, go to the state semis, for me that's a great accomplishment. Look forward to making it farther than that this year.

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