(Courtesy photo)
A major fuel provider in Young County since 1960 has just changed ownership, but the new owner said that not much else about it will.

Brandy Overcash, Estacia Bruce and Sonny Miller have been running Young County Butane for the last year since their father passed away in August 2013. Their grandfather, Marvin Bruce, handed down the company to their dad. Overcash said that the sale of the 54-year-old company signifies both the end of an era and the beginning of something new.

“It’s kind of hard, because we’re emotionally tied to the company,” Overcash said. “And we stayed afloat as long as we possibly could. It’s bittersweet.”

Overcash and Bruce plan to leave Young County Butane at the end of the 60 day transition period. But the purchase of Young County Butane by Gary Garrison, owner of Fred Garrison Oil Company, which does business as Allstar Fuel, was also beneficial to both companies.

In 1990, Fred Garrison came to Graham and bought Pierce Petroleum and operated as Graham Petroleum until around 2000, when the company began operating as Allstar Fuel. The business moved to Elm Street shortly after. In the farm fuel, commercial, consumer and oil field market, Allstar Fuel is gaining momentum, especially with it’s most recent acquisition of Young County Butane.

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