Young County Election Administrator Lauren Sullivan presented her budget to the County Commissioners Court Monday morning.

While many county offices are asking for increased funding for everything from continuing education to salaried positions, Sullivan’s budget has cut fat or remained the same in several areas.

Her 2015 budget presentation requested less money for business travel expenses, from $250 to $150, rental funds, from $500 to $250, and telephone expenses, from $900 to $750. Continuing education also dropped from $2,200 to $2,000 from 2014 to 2015.

Election supplies, computer lease and maintenance, office supplies, overtime pay and election workers’ salaries all stayed the same. But there is one budget item currently under consideration by county officials that County Judge John Bullock said could make a big difference in money allocated to Sullivan’s office.

“She didn’t really request much of a change in her budget with the exception of the possibility one way or the other on whether or not we are going to buy this new (election) equipment,” Bullock said.

The new equipment under consideration is the latest package from Hart Intercivic’s Verity line, and Sullivan said that the product overall would be a smart purchase for Young County. Bullock said that according to his calculations, if the county purchased the Hart package, her budget would increase by about $30,000 each year over the next three to five years.

“She was requesting $10,000 in that line item (voting machine/maintenance), and I think that the equipment loan was going to be in the neighborhood of about $30,000 a year,” Bullock said. “I think in that particular line, that if we went to about $40,000 it would cover that.”

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