Two years after an election to bring alcohol sales to Graham divided the community into two equally enthusiastic camps-- those for and those against­-- another alcohol election will be ordered this November.

Young County Election Administrator Lauren Sullivan said Wednesday that she finished counting the petition signatures for local PAC “Graham Wet--It's Time” earlier this week and the petition is valid. The next step, at this point a formality according to Sullivan, is to have the Young County Commissioners Court order an election on its August 11 agenda, the earliest date the court can legally do so.

“Pursuant to Texas Election Code Sec. 501.032, the County Commissioners must order an election on or after the 30th day after the petition is received by the Voter Registrar/Election Administrator,” Sullivan said through an email. “This sets the election for the next uniform date and will allow the issue to be on the ballot.”

Mike Elmore, leader of the local PAC Graham Wet -- It's time, said that though Sullivan verified the legitimacy of the petition, it won't be official to him until the Commissioners Court orders the election.

Though Elmore doesn't want to get ahead of himself when discussing the upcoming election, he did say he is much more confident about the results this year versus the election in 2012.

“I am (more confident) because I think now that we've included the people on the outside of Graham (JP 1), and this is not about having liquor stores anywhere in town, it's simply beer and wine at our local retailers.” he said.

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