This weekend on the Hot Seat, tennis player Amber Langworthy talks about her passion for tennis. The 4’10” senior loves her car and the tennis racket she got for her birthday. Langworthy may be small, but she leads the charge when it comes to Graham girls tennis. Just don’t ask her to eat any anchovies.

Tori: How did you get into tennis?
Amber: When I was younger I didn’t like running very much, so at first I got into tennis by just getting out of athletics. I heard so many stories, like, “Oh the coaches make you run ’til you get sick,” and I was like, “That’s not for me.” So I got into tennis, and I actually really started to like it. I just stuck with it.
Amber Langworthy has played tennis since the seventh grade. Her tennis racket is one of her most prized possessions.
Amber Langworthy has played tennis since the seventh grade. Her tennis racket is one of her most prized possessions. (David Flynn)
It’s just something I really love.

T: What is your favorite time of year?
A: My favorite time of year is kind of right after summer as it starts to slowly cool down. It’s not windy; it’s not really hot like it is in the summer. It’s the perfect temperature.

T: Hobbies or activities outside of tennis?
A: I have a job, but tennis takes up a lot of time. I’ve had so many hours of practice. It’s very important in my life. I study (for school), and that’s about it. Tennis, work, study.

T: What would be the hardest part of running the Domino’s chain your dad owns?
A: There’s not many challenges because I’ve worked there for four years. My dad’s owned it since we moved to Graham 13, 14 years ago. It’s just my height does come as a problem. I know how to make the pizzas, I know how to take orders and all that. It’s just getting (the pizzas in) the ovens. There’s one I can’t see in. It’s just too tall.

T: What’s it like knowing this is your senior year of high school?
A: It’s just kind of unbelievable because I’ve got so many memories. I don’t want it to end because tennis has been such a big part of my life. I practice all summer, it’s all school year and it’s just never ending. Just to think that it’s about to end, it’s weird.

T: What’s your favorite TV show?
A: I watch a lot of Netflix. Right now, I’m watching these old shows. I just got finished watching all six seasons of “Lost.” I don’t know where it came from. I just started watching it. And then I just now started watching “90210.”

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