At approximately 10 a.m., Graham Fire Rescue, called into assist by the Brazos River Authority, recovered the body of a 15-year-old Burleson male that drowned in Possum Kingdom Lake late Friday evening.

Family reported the victim missing to the Palo Pinto County Sheriff at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday through the 911 system, BRA Public Information Officer Judi Pierce said.

GFR Captain Greg Speck said the agency received a request from the BRA to assist searching for the body at about 7:45 a.m. Saturday. A dive team, consisting of GFR Chief Dennie Covey and Speck, was on the water at approximately 10 a.m. They were in the water for 17 minutes before finding the victim, he said.

“It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy,” BRA Government and Customer Relations Manager Matt Phillips said.

BRA officers used side-scan sonar from the surface of the water to identify numerous points of interest in an area of the lake the victim was last seen, which they marked with small buoys, Speck explained. Covey and Speck descended 40-feet to the bottom of the lake and executed a circular search pattern around the base of the first buoy in the search field. The team found and recovered the body then returned to the surface, he said.

“We got in the pickup, came back to Graham, and I get to finish a 24-hour shift,” Speck said. “Every Sunday, Wayne Peters, who is the department chaplain, he calls and says, ‘any prayer requests or anything like that.’ I called him before we headed that way and I said, ‘Wayne, we got a family down at PK, a son is missing, believed to be drowned.’ I said, ‘Chief Covey and I are going to go down and do some diving, if you think about praying, pray some for us.”