Though the Young County Commissioners Court could take no official action Monday due to a notification oversight that violated regulations of the Open Meetings Act, county officials still held informal discussions pertaining to the 2015 budget.

Captain Kenneth Cobb of the Young County Sheriff’s Department requested a new position at the Young County Jail, citing reasons including a state mandated requirement to supervise inmates making meals.

The request totals about $29,000 plus a benefits package, and the Commissioners Court will consider the matter further during next Monday’s meeting.

“Mr. Cobb has requested an additional person at the jail out there,” said Commissioner Stacey Rogers. “It’s based on a requirement from the Jail Commission that the food service area needs to be supervised by a jailer. We haven’t been doing that in the past, and when the county has to supervise food preparation, then that’s going to entail another position out there.”

Rogers said that in his opinion, there is not much the Commissioners Court can do about it, short of allocating money to fill the position.

“It will increase the jail budget,” he said. “Any time you add a new position, it will increase the budget.”

The requirement was made known after a July 2 inspection of the jail by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards that revealed the compliance failure. The jail did pass the overall inspection, but must now make changes that include inmate supervision in the kitchen.

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