It’s official. Alcohol will be on the ballot in Graham this November. 

The Young County Commissioners Court ordered the election on Monday, Aug. 11, the earliest day it could legally do so. 

But it won’t be like the one held two years ago that, in addition to beer and wine, would have allowed local stores to sell liquor.

In 2012, many Grahamites were fearful that an election including liquor would ultimately end up a gateway ballot initiative. 

This time around, there will be no liquor on the initiative, and Graham Wet -- It’s Time leader Mike Elmore (also the leader of the 2012 pro-alcohol-sales PAC), believes that will be the defining aspect of what will pass the initiative on the ballot this time around. 

“I am (more confident) because I think now that we’ve included the people on the outside of Graham (JP 1), and this is not about having liquor stores anywhere in town, it’s simply beer and wine at our local retailers,” he told the Graham Leader in July.

Young County Elections Administrator Lauren Sullivan said that according to the law, the Commissioners Court had to order the election to allow the item to be brought to the voters on the ballot. 

“The ballots will be ordered with the exact same wording as was on the petition and which the CC passed the order,” she said.

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