By September, parking on the east side of Elm Street in Graham's Downtown Square will be a lot less dangerous, as the city and the Texas Department of Transportation have come to an agreement to expand Elm's east-side parking lane by five feet, in effect deleting the west-side parking lane.

Currently the lane is 7.5 feet wide, and new plans should expand it to 12 feet.

“You know, there are mirrors that have been removed, doors that have been removed,” Graham Chamber of Commerce CEO Jennifer Conway said. “So, overwhelmingly we had positive feedback from it, and there were no negatives noted or concerns.”

Conway polled business owners for opinions on the changes and found no opposition. She said many of the shop owners she talked to had fears of elderly clients having to time and dodge traffic on the city's main thoroughfare.

At Graham's July 31 city council meeting, ordinance #1024 was passed banning parking on the west side of Elm Street between Second and Fourth Streets.

At that same meeting, Graham, Olney and Throckmorton's area maintenance supervisor for TxDOT, Aaron Williams, presented the preliminary plan for the re-striping of Elm to allow for the parking changes.

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