After going out for bids in July and August but receiving only one, the Young County Commissioners Court renewed the county’s Group Resources health policy plan for all employees, and it goes into effect Oct. 1, the beginning of the 2015 fiscal year. 

While the new policy doesn’t change much from last year, aspects of it have risen in cost, and the total increase per employee went up $1.20. With the medical, life and dental benefits plan, the charge for the Healthsmart PPO increased from $5.75 to $5.85 per employee per month on fixed cost, and medical administration increases went up from $24.60 to $25.70, bringing the total fixed cost per employee to $294.07 per month.

“Group Resources recommends that you should contribute $664.14 to the funding account per employee,” suggested the insurance providers in a letter to Young County. Young County, however is actually putting $700 per employee into that account.

During the bid request process, the Texas Association of Counties sent Young County a letter expressing its inability to submit a bid.

“We regret that TAC HEBP will not be able to submit a proposal at this time,” the letter, dated Aug. 7, states. “We respectfully request, however, that TAC HEBP be retained on the list of providers of health coverage for future requests for proposals.”

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