The Young County Appraisal District recently issued a $43,731.61 reimbursement to Young County.

This past Monday, the Young County Commissioners Court accepted the reimbursement from the appraisal district, and court representatives confirmed that the money will be going into the county’s general fund.

Young County Auditor Cheryl Roberts said that she doesn’t remember receiving this high of a reimbursement in the past, and that is likely why the reimbursement from the appraisal district was so high this year.

“This is the first year we’ve gotten these reimbursements (in several years), and it’s just money that wasn’t distributed back out to the entities (taxing bodies within the county),” Roberts said.

Compared to the entire Young County budget, the more than $40,000 reimbursement isn’t much, but Roberts did say it would help with expenditures.

“What it would mean (to Young County) is possibly having a little more left in our general fund,” Roberts explained. “The tax collections have been really good this year based on what we’ve collected. I think that there were a lot of delinquent taxes that were collected this year. Last year we were also pretty good about collecting delinquent taxes, but this year collections are up.”

Young County Chief Appraiser Luke Robbins agreed with Roberts’ assessment regarding the size of this year’s reimbursement from the appraisal district.

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