Just like many other goods and services such as food and water, gas and trash-collection rates are on the way up in Graham. 

Progressive Waste Solutions will increase its rate by 2.64 percent to compensate for inflation, which, for Graham residents means the cost to have one of the company’s Polycarts, or standardized rolling trash cans, collected once a week will go from $18.54 to $19.03.

The mechanism for such an increase is outlined in the city’s contract with the trash collecting company, and new rates will likely go into effect on Oct. 1.

City Council discussed the increase at its Aug. 14 meeting. The rate adjustment must be passed as an ordinance and will be considered at the council’s next meeting, Aug. 28, City Manager David Casteel said. 

The rate increase was calculated based on the Consumer Price Index for this region, PWS representative Mike Glober explained to council members. 

“This is really the only price increases we have built into the contract,” Glober said. “Everything is tied to something —fuel, if it moves up and down (the rate) goes up and down— and the CPI is based on that regional average.” 

The Unites States Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles the Consumer Price Index as a way of tracking inflation of goods and services across the country. The national data is divided by the agency into regions.  

Mayor Jack Graham said that an annual CPI increase is part of many contracts. 

“Pretty much every contract I’ve ever been a part of had a CPI adjustment. This isn’t unusual,” Graham said.

At the city council’s July 31, meeting members passed ordinance #1023 accepting a rate increase by Graham’s gas utility provider Texas Gas Company. 

The rate was increased by .0636 cents per ccf, or one hundred cubic feet, for customers and took effect Aug. 1.

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