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    Homeowners may be in hot water with new water heater regulations

    02/20/2015 03:33 PM CST
    (NewsUSA) - In less than two months, new water heater efficiency standards will take effect and may end up hitting homeowners with an unexpected (and costly) expense. 
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    (Stephen McCausland/AP)
    Maine weighs revoking seat belt law days after 75-car pileup

    AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — It's an effort that even the bill's sponsor acknowledges is poor timing. Just two days after a 75-vehicle pileup injured at least 17 people in the state, lawmakers in Maine are considering legislation that would allow adults to opt out of wearing seat belts. Full Story
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    AP PHOTOS: Germany Young Ensemble

    BERLIN (AP) — Hoping to demonstrate their posture, agility and strength, a handful of boys and more than 120 girls between ages 7 and 9 tried out for the Young Ensemble of Berlin's Friedrichstadt-Palast theatre in February. Full Story