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The saying around here goes “If you’re not from here, you’ll never be from here.” But that hasn’t stopped some from getting here as quick as they could. Take GHS freshman Mattie Sullivan. When the opportunity arose, she joined the stampeding herd known as the Graham Steers and Lady Blues and has brought her own sense of charisma and panache to leave her mark on Graham. And for good measure, this week she’s in the Hot Seat. 

Joe: Why are people scared of tiny mice, but not afraid of Mickey Mouse, who is the biggest mouse in the world?

Mattie: Tiny mice are little and gross and we don’t know where they have been. Mickey Mouse is cute and squeezable and you know he can’t hurt you. The biggest mouse in the world is either Mickey Mouse or Mortar Mouse. But I’d probably go with Mickey considering I know more about him.

J: If you could fast-forward your life, how old would you want to be and why?

M: I would want to be probably 23. I don’t honestly know why but I feel like the year I turn 23 is the year my life is going to turn into something unexpected.

J: What is the one thing in the world you are most afraid of?

M: I am most afraid of not knowing. I like to understand things and when I can’t understand something wholly that I am about to do, it terrifies me to no end. I hate to be left in the dark! Figuratively and literally. That’s why I don’t like people to beat around the bush.

J: What’s the one thing you’ve done in your life that you wish you could do over differently?

M: I wish I had been more athletic as a child. I really regret it now; starting from scratch at a new and bigger school.

J: What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

M: I once ate a piece of dried kelp. It was disgusting! It looked a lot like a piece of paper and you just broke it off and ate it. It. Was. Horrible!

J: What movie can you watch over and over again?

M: The Little Mermaid 2! In fact, I do. Whenever I go to my grandparent’s house I watch it. I love Melody! I wish I were bold and brave like she is! By far, my favorite Disney princess!

J: You’re in charge of setting the lineup for  Coachella 2015 - who’s playing?

M:  Coachella? The music festival? I don’t know honestly. I listen to a lot of country and that’s not really what’s played at that thing. I would love to go to an Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, and Ellie Golding concert. So definitely them! And a few others.

J:  Tell me about the best teacher you ever had?

M: The best teacher I ever had was Ms. Carter. She was my first grade teacher and was always a lot of fun and at the end of our first grade year she said that we were almost second graders so that was what she was going to call us. And she did!

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