Children stared wide-eyed in awe as Texas Bubble Lady Linda Berman created bubbles Wednesday at NCTC.

Children and parents covered the floor waiting in anticipation of the bubble show.

Berman said that bubbles need three things — soap, water and air. She said that most bubble liquids out there aren't worth the money and don't work very well. Berman's “bubble potion,” as she calls it, is composed of one cup of non-ultra Joy dishwashing liquid (yellow bottle), found at Dollar General.


(Julianne Murrah)

Add the Joy to 10 cups of water. For an extra kick, she said, add two ounces of Gazillion Bubbles, available at Walmart. After the bubble potion is complete, it's a good idea to store it in a large container. Berman showed children and parents how to make bubbles using their hands, by forming them into circles and triangles, dipping them in the potion and blowing through them. She also showed the audience items that can be used as bubble wands, such as a paper plate basket, baseball cap washer, fly swatter, a lens-less pair of oversized sunglasses and more. No matter what shape the object is, the bubble will always come out as a sphere.

Berman wowed the audience by creating monstrous bubbles with yarn and two straws, and sticks and more yarn. The program concluded when Berman created a bubble force field around Gibson and library assistant Abby Hernandez. After the show, Berman gave away bubble making packages containing the straws and yard used to make large bubbles. The bubble program was the Summer Reading Program's last performance. Gibson said that the attendance has been about average this year.

On Wednesday, July 31, the Library of Graham will have its prize drawing.

Kids get six book bucks for every two hours they read. A book buck is a chance to win in the drawing. The more they read, the more chances they have to win prizes. They have to be present to win. The top three winners/readers will receive their prize regardless if they are in attendance or not. The top prize is a Blizzard party for six people from Dairy Queen. Second and third place recipients will get $30 gift cards from Walmart. Other prizes include books, movies and coupons from local businesses, including the National Theater, Steer Bowl, Donut Supreme, Taco Casa and Golden Chick. The drawing will take about an hour.