As winter fast approaches, fall is the time when garden devotees are their busiest.

Veteran Graham gardeners Nancy Rosebrough, Marlene Edwards and Wayne McCallum all recently gave some of their time to help those with green thumb ambitions get the most out of their efforts.

First off, they all agree that knowing what will survive and thrive during the North Texas winter can save a lot of expense and frustration. 

Edwards likes for visitors to her home to be greeted with a fragrant pot of rosemary, and her original little plant began in a four-inch container but has since grown to a hearty, four-foot shrub. 

“Rosemary loves the heat of summer, but mine has survived every winter for 10 years,” Edwards said. “If you want to cut rosemary in the wintertime or anytime, it just grows back stronger,” Edwards said. “You can also plant rosemary inside any time of the year, as long as it has a lot of light.”

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