If I time-traveling were possible and you could only land in Young County, the most exiting time to live in Graham was from during the 1880s.

Those were the years of repeated breaks, robberies, holdups, murders and one hanging. (Of course, Comanches and Kiowas were creating mayhem outside town.)

Jailbreaks and escapes were fairly commonplace at the old original jail in Graham. A man named Dozier escaped by pulling a plank off the jail ceiling, hoisted himself up into the garret, came down the stairway and crawled out the window.

 The jail was often crowded with prisoners, and at times, criminals were so notorious they required extra guards. During an escape by the three McDonalds brothers in 1882, Young County Deputy Sam Murphee and all three McDonald brothers were killed. Weatherbeaten sandstone monuments mark where the outlaws' bodies lie on the far east side of Pioneer Cemetery. (Read the rest of North Texas Tales in the Sunday, Nov. 10 edition of The Graham Leader.)