Those making their way into The Old Post Office Museum and Art Center will be greeted by all things bright — and tiny.

Currently, two exhibits fill the facility, one featuring the oil paintings by local artist Beth Prichard and the other a miniature doll house collection created by Jane McNatt.

Prichard’s artwork boasts bursts of color in portraits of livestock, still life images of fruit, flowers and numerous objects and breath-taking landscapes. She has been studying art for 17 years, more seriously since 2004 after she retired. 

“I have a huge passion for the outdoors and gardening,” she said. “I paint in my yard, and grow flowers for still life set ups.”

Oils and pastels are Prichard’s favorite mediums, with her current art creations being impressionistic in style. She started her artistic journey when she discovered Kaye Franklin in Graham, who taught her how to mix colors while keeping them intense. Prichard also does plein air painting, in which an artist paints outdoors in numerous outdoor elements such as inclement weather or bothersome seasonal bugs, or climbing up a steep mountain with their supplies and painting before the night sky hits the ground. Prichard travels with Franklin on art trips to practice the technique.

McNatt’s miniature doll house collection is a tiny sight to be seen. The doll houses come in kits in many sizes. McNatt cuts out the windows and doors to these houses, assembles them and then paints them to her liking. After they are assembled, she fills them with the appropriate furniture for each room. The kitchen is stocked with dishes, appliances, groceries, a kitchen table with chairs and eve condiments. Living rooms are decked out with tiny sofas, coffee tables and televisions. Bedrooms are stacked with blankets, beds and mirrors and little photos hanging on the wall. Flowers, hand-made by McNatt, sit in little bitty clay pots in the front yard.

“I punch these out of paper with a hole punch and glue them onto the stems,” she said, while holding the delicate flower pot full or geraniums. 

McNatt also buys tiny figures from conventions that she attends, where she also takes lessons on creating miniature doll houses and accompanying pieces for the interiors of the homes.

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