Cooper Gordon loves to watch “Jeopardy.”

The 11-year-old fifth grade Woodland Elementary School student has been watching the show with his grandparents, Dan and Carol McMillan, ever since he could remember. He even watches it with his great-grandmother, Lois McMillan, on occasion.

In fact, he loves the show so much that he tried to get his dad, Joe Gordy, principal of Graham Junior High School, signed up to tryout on “Jeopardy! Teacher’s Edition.” But when Cooper looked at Jeopardy’s website, he saw instead the show was going to have online testing for “Jeopardy! Kid’s Week,” and he set his heart on trying out himself.

Every day for nearly a year, Cooper checked on the website to see when “Jeopardy” would be testing for kid contestants. A year later, that day finally came. Cooper signed up and started the online test in September. It was comprised of 30 timed questions, and those who answered 21 of the 30 questions correctly were accepted for tryouts. Cooper was one of those children.

“I was shocked,” Cooper said. “They e-mailed (Cooper’s dad) the week after Valentine’s Day, and I forgot about it because it was five months ago.”

Cooper and his family decided that Chicago would be the best place to try out for the show — especially since it was the first location of the show’s tryout tour. The Gordys will travel to the Windy City and arrive on or before March 29 — the day of the tryouts. For right now, Cooper remains confident, and recently said that the questions online weren’t too difficult.

“In the test they asked me questions like, ‘What is the mouse pointer that you point on the screen with?’ and the answer was ‘A pointer.’ They also asked, ‘What is the biggest river in the world but is also a famous website?’ That’s Amazon.”

Cooper said that Jeopardy doesn’t inform students beforehand what questions will be asked at the tryouts, and so far his discipline has not wavered as he studies all that he can.

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