The smell of smoked sausage filled the air, accompanied by the sweet sounds of southern music during the Potter's Pizza Cars and Stars car show Saturday morning on the Downtown Square. 

This is the fourth year for the spring car show in Graham, and 2014 turned out to harbor a stunning display of vintage (and some new) cars kept immaculate by auto-obsessed owners. Looking at the vehicles on the Square Saturday was like taking a trip back in time.

The 1950 Mercury Coupe

Argyle resident Chris Reedy gently polished his deep green 1950 bone stock Mercury Coupe lined neatly beside hundreds of vehicles along the Square. The hood was open, revealing the coupe's flat-head V-8 motor, which Reedy said was an earlier engine technology for vehicles built between 1932-1953. The four-and-a-quarter-inch white walls of his old pre-radial ply tires popped brightly against the coupe's forest green exterior. 

Reedy said the coupe's style was popular for modifications, such as dropping the vehicle low to the ground or chopping its top. 

But Reedy kept his in its original condition after acquiring it from his father, Kyle Reedy, who has since passed away.

“This was his pride and joy,” he said, gazing fondly at the car's sleek chrome detailing. “He drove it around, and people would pester him about buying it.” 

This was Reedy's first trip to Graham. He found out about the car show online three days before the event by typing “car shows” into Google's search engine. 

The 1955 Chevy Pickup

A tall, lanky Cord Young casually inspected his chalky green 1955 Chevy Pickup for dust. He's proud of the old truck, which has been in his family since it was bought brand new off the lot for $1,450. The solid metal bumpers of the work truck are painted white — which, Cord said, was quite normal for work trucks back in those days. Young has since restored the truck, which has been passed down through four generations.

Iowa Park resident Cord Young s 1955 Chevy Pickup has been in his family for four generations. It was purchased brand new off of the lot by his
Iowa Park resident Cord Young s 1955 Chevy Pickup has been in his family for four generations. It was purchased brand new off of the lot by his great-grandfather. (Julianne Murrah)

“Being that my great-granddad farmed, he got the work truck, which is what he used it for,” Young said. “My dad taught me how to drive in it. It tops out at about 60.”

This was the Iowa Park resident's second time participating in the Cars and Stars car show.

“It's really nice down here,” he said, adding that he plans to attend future shows in North Texas. “I have a '73 Mach Mustang. I'll be (participating) in Iowa Park and Decatur (car shows) in May.”

The 1977 Chevrolet Luv

An orange 1977 Chevrolet Luv Pickup Truck, owned by Sam and Debbie Sumpter of Graham, was a rare find at the show. According to Sam, very few Luvs were manufactured. Sam purchased the pickup, which had been sitting in tall grass for many years, from the son of a friend who passed away. He said he rebuilt the Luv back into shape from the ground up.

“I rebuilt the motor, transmission, rear end, breaks, and customized it and painted it,” he said. “It took two years. It was something I wanted to do. I had one of these in high school.”

Sam said that although he rebuilt the truck for his wife, he enjoys zipping it around town when he gets the chance.

“It can go fast — it's unreal,” he said. “It will pull the front wheels off of the ground. It's got a 400 small block Chevy engine with a blower. It's a fun vehicle.”

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