If you’ve walked into Graham Savings and Loan lately, you’ll notice it’s pretty colorful in there.

That’s because the bank is packed with artwork created by Graham High School students for the school’s annual art show. 

Normally, the art show is hosted by the Old Post Office Museum and Art Center, but due to ongoing renovations, the show was moved to Graham Savings. 

Although the space in the bank isn’t quite as big as was originally needed, it provided students the opportunity to have their work viewed by incoming customers, which likely provides a wider range of viewers. Graham High School art teacher Kathy Lambden started the art show tradition 12 years ago.

“Initially, it just seemed like a perfect fit (having an art show at OPOMAC), and that’s a good place for the kids to display their work,” Lamben said. “It’s good for the museum; it’s good for us; and it’s good for the community.”

Artwork in this year’s show included that of Art II, III, III AP and IV students.

Recently at the bank, a tall, 18-year-old Sydney Buschmann pointed out a painting of a large tree decked in autumn leaves.

(Julianne Murrah)

“That one is mine,” she said, adding that she was inspired to create the painting for her grandmother. “I did this painting for her for Christmas.”

Additionally, Buschmann’s portrait of Daryl from the AMC television series, “The Walking Dead,” proved an apt representation for fans of the show. Bright colors and contours of the portrait popped against the all-black canvas. 

Created by David Leiter
Created by David Leiter (Julianne Murrah)

“I like to blend a lot and get that sketchiness,” she said of her painting technique.

Buschmann said that right now, painting is just a hobby. She plans to attend college and major in drama and minor in art.

“My mom (Regan Buschmann) was my inspiration. Grandma is good in math, and Mom is good in art,” she laughed.

A quiet Austin Crail stood next to a bold portrait of his Rotweiler, Chiney.

“He’s my favorite,” Crail said. “He’s such a great dog.”

Crail, an art III student, has a handful of art pieces on display, most of which are very bright and vivid.

“I like colorful stuff,” he said, adding that he is currently creating a new piece of artwork.

A long, yellow canvas displayed a purple cheetah whose spots were scattered through the broken contour line of its back. Crail has been interested in art since the seventh grade and has liked it ever since. 

He creates art for a hobby but doesn’t plan to pursue a degree in the subject.