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Kris Belcher, Newcastle City Council member
Graham ISD election results are in. Three positions were up for grabs with Dora Cawley and Tricia Reed uncontested for places 3 and 5.

Cawley received 202 votes with Reed netting 204.

Place 4 was a contested race between incumbent Peggy Sonnenberg and Stan Peavy. Peavy won the race with 135 votes to Sonnenberg's 106.

Newcastle City Council election winners are Jerry Stewart, 49 votes; Kris Brice, 33, votes; and Melba Quaid, 32 votes. 

Results for others in the election were Dewayne Belcer, 16 votes; Jo Cox, 29 votes; Robert Maddox, 23 votes; and Pam Myers, 22 votes.