Many changes are in store for Graham Regional Medical Center in the coming months, most notably, staff and possible equipment.

The hospital will look into the possibility of purchasing much needed operating room tables, which cost about $30,000 to replace. Last year, a refurbished bed was purchased for $20,000.

“We have three OR tables, they're all very old,” said GRMC Chief Nurse Executive Michelle Hall at the hospital board meeting Thursday. “The second one broke and they were able to get a part and basically keep it going. The third one, they're kind of waiting. Basically the other two tables are like a time bomb ticking away. The rep who was able to fix the second one that broke, he couldn't even tell us an age on them — they're even that old.”

While the purchase of new operating tables remains a possibility, the hospital lab will buy a new machine for testing enzymes after chest pain is experienced.

Also discussed at the meeting was the fact that GRMC's MRI facility was approved by the state. Pertaining to staff, the hospital is also currently seeking a chaplain for home health and hospice.

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