Tax rate information for Young County will soon be available. Young County Tax Assessor Luke Robbins said that the assessor's office was initially waiting on NCTC to adopt their tax rate.

“As soon as we get that done, then we can turn it over to our software vendor,” Robbins said. “Then they will finalize everything in our system and tell us what the total levies are going to be this year.”

Robbins said that all other rates for the county have been set. Because NCTC is a fairly new entity to Young County, there was some confusion regarding the way the college's tax rate would work. But now the problem is worked out, and once the software vendors finalize the data given to them by the tax assessor's office, the bills will go out.

Overall rates for the city have predominately either stayed the same or dropped from 2012 to 2013. Young County's rates dropped slightly from 59.0168 cents per $100 to 58.934. The city of Graham, Olney ISD and the city of Newcastle dropped as well. The only taxing body in Young County whose rates rose is Olney Hospital, rising from 22.7421 cents per $100 in 2012 to 22.9700 this year.

Because this is the Graham Hospital District's first year, it's 2013 rate of 36.5 has no previous rate to be compared to, and NCTC's is always 5 cents, so there was no change in those rates. Regarding the confusion over NCTC, Robbins initially thought that NCTC needed to adopt their own tax rate before the rates could be sent in for all of Young County's taxing bodies, but after doing some research, he realized this was not the case.

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