In October, the cupboards at the Graham Area Food Bank (GAFB) are barer than any other time of the year. Because food reserves at the regional Tarrant Area Food Bank are down, it causes a ripple effect in the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank and GAFB.

Director Don Oldfield said that the GAFB has had a good year until this month. “We have had more food than we've had at any point, twice as much as last year, but when we go into this time of the year, we brought back from Wichita Falls a fraction of what we had most of the time.”

Oldfield said that nobody can give him a straight answer about why this happens. “That's just the way it is,” he said. “A lot of food banks close their doors. The demand is so great that we are digging into our reserves. My only other option is to go to a retail store and use the entire monthly budget to buy what I'd get for a week's worth of food items at the Wichita Falls Food Bank,” he said.

However, Oldfield expects the slow time is about to end because the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank will soon get a huge boost. Because of the Wichita Falls City-wide Food drive conducted through October, GAFB will enjoy the trickle-down.

Oak Street Baptist Church members who volunteer the last Thursday of the month have also noticed food supplies are at their lowest. OSBC volunteers Becky Knox and Lynette Ritter were concerned that those who came in today found little or few canned beans, canned tomato products, pastas, sugar and flour. Clients who need food are allowed only one visit to the food bank a month, she said.

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