Radiology technologists do more than just push buttons to give an x-ray. It's more complicated than that. Essentially, they pay close attention to every aspect of capturing the inner workings of the human anatomy, and as the link between the patient and the doctor, they have to be accurate.

Radiology technologists across the nation will be recognized during National Radiologic Technology Week Nov. 3-9. This year's theme is “RT's Positioning Ourselves for Excellence.” The theme focuses on positioning patients properly during an x-ray, CT scan, MRI, mammogram, sonogram and more for accurate images and, ultimately, accurate readings by physicians.

 “One of the fundamentals of the RT is all about patients and positioning them for the different needs,” said Graham resident Jacob Seidel, radiology technology student at Midwestern State University. “We have three books that give us positions.”

Radiologic Technology Week recognizes the important role medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in overall patient care and health care safety. A visit with a radiology technology professional goes something like this — the patient will see their physician, and, depending on what the physician is looking for, he/she will send the imaging order with the patient.

The RT professional will look at the specific anatomy that the physician needs and then image it according to the order. MSU RT student Emily King of Jacksboro said that patient positioning is key when it comes to imaging.

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