Turnovers are one of the most important statistics in football.

Just look at any successful season at any level, and you will find one thing in common: turnovers.

No matter what statistic you look up, none share the significance of the turnover.

In the 2010, 2011 and 2012 regular seasons, the Steers have forced 94 turnovers and given the ball away through interceptions or fumbles 49 times.


In the three seasons mentioned, Graham’s worst turnover ratio occurred in the 2011 season when the Steers only forced 19 turnovers, while giving the ball away 24 times.

That year, the Steers finished with a 5-5 regular-season record.

In comparison, the Steers won eight games in 2010 and went into the playoffs with nine wins in 2012.

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