The Graham Regional Medical Center Board of Directors held an emergency session on Monday at noon, primarily to discuss the upcoming retirement of hospital CFO Bonnie Blevins. Blevins has been an employee of the GRMC for 32 years.

“About a week ago, she told Scott Landrum (GRMC’s interim administrator) that she was going to be retiring around the beginning of February,” said Neal Blanton, current president of the GRMC hospital district.

During Monday’s meeting, the GRMC board discussed the best possible options in pursuit of a viable replacement.

“We discussed what we were going to do about Bonnie, and what we were going to do about the interim CFO,” Blanton said. “Basically, what we did was we empowered Scott (Landrum) to hire an interim Chief Financial Officer.”

Blanton added that the hire will not come through Quorum Health Resources, the company that helped place Landrum in the temporary administrator position with GRMC, but that Landrum is currently in the process of looking for Blevins’ replacement.

“We certainly appreciate the 32 years of service from Ms. Blevins, and we all and wish her the best,” Landrum said. “I have known about her retirement plans for about a week, so we’re in the process of finding an appropriate replacement, and I should know who the interim CFO is within a couple of days.”

Though the position will not be filled through Quorum, Blanton stated that the interim CFO position will be under contract for 90 days. Blevins could not be reached for comment at this time, but Blanton briefly explained the reason for her retirement.

“She’s got 32 years with the hospital, and she was vested in the new retirement plan that will be coming out,” he said. “So she just thought it was time.”

The Graham Leader will continue to follow the story as updates become available.