The Young County Courthouse has been undergoing numerous upgrades recently. Changes underway or already completed include a renovated county website, the addition of two new boilers to its heating unit and a new security system for the Justice of the Peace Office.

The Young County website is currently run through CIRA, which recently facilitated some major changes to the county’s online presentation.

“The old website that we had, the FEP (front end processor) server was clogged up and old, and more or less an antiquated system,” said Young County IT Director Eric Steadham. “It had lots of size restrictions and format restrictions. And the actual website editor itself was so buggy that you could highlight something for example, tell it to change the color, and it didn’t. It was just an old system.”

Young County is currently paying $550 per year for the hosting and maintenance of its current website. James Ross, Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1, will also be seeing some changes to his office before he retires Jan. 1, 2015.

The Young County Commissioners Court voted Monday morning to accept a bid from Guardian Security Solutions for $8,257.60 for a high-tech security modification to the office

“The benefit of going with Guardian on this modification is that we already have a camera system in place that this will tie directly into,” Steadham said. “So it picks up and records without any additional cost. It also allows them to be able to physically see who is at their door and records any type of altercation, and it’s a motion sensory system. So anytime someone walks in, this system starts recording.”

Steadham said that the process of modifying the JP 1 office will likely start mid summer.

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