A grant application requesting $235,500 has been filed to fund the creation of an ATV park just outside Graham near the sewer facility along Salt Creek.

Through Childress City Manager Bryan Tucker, the Texas Parks and Wildlife department submitted the grant application on Feb. 1. Tucker wrote the grant application, and if it's funded he will be hired by the City of Graham to design the park. The outcome of the application will become public in May.

Tucker is experienced in the grant process, as he successfully brought a park to the City of Childress and continues to expand it with subsequent grants each year. 

“We have a lot of experience in putting these grants together, as well as designing trail systems and that sort of thing,” Tucker said.  

Bobby Sanders manages the ATV park in Childress. He and Tucker serve as business partners and co-owners of Jachin Construction, and should the funding go through, they would design the park in Graham. 

The City of Graham would be required to match 20% of the grant money but could do so by providing the land for the park, which they already own. 

The tract of land under consideration is approximately 250 acres and lies just west of Salt Creek along Sewer Plant Road.  

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