City council, led by Mayor Pro Tem Jack Graham, made recommendations to City Manager David Casteel in his ongoing effort to reform the various boards and committees that advise the city council. 

Included in the recommendations made by city council at its May 8 meeting are that all members to boards should have terms, term limits and uniform term lengths. 

Advisory boards are used by the city council to produce recommendations on many specialized topics. For example, if the Graham Regional Airport needed a runway re-paved, the Airport Board would determine that and make a recommendation to the council. It would then be up to the council to approve or deny any expenditures.

Of the 13 advisory boards, seven currently don’t have term limits, including the airport, auditorium and water supply boards. 

“Everything needs term limits,” said Graham. “I don’t think it does anyone any good to keep the same people on. I know that we have problems populating the boards, but we can’t just have the same people.” 

The city council recommended that all boards have two-year terms with three term maximums. 

The Park and Recreation Board and the Airport Board of Adjustments and Appeals have no membership. The PRB remains a major focus for city officials, who stated that with the new park planned near Salt Creek, a potential ATV park near Sewer Plant Road and work needed at Kindley Park near Lake Eddleman, the need for board membership is imperative. 

Casteel also felt that the ABAA was redundant with the Airport Board, and suggested the two could be merged; an idea the council is on board with, said Casteel.

Other questions for the council involved board membership regarding city staff and council members.

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