Red Bull's Cliff Diving World Series made the second stop of its seven leg journey around the globe this weekend at Hell's Gate, the twin cliffs in Possum Kingdom Lake. 

Male and female divers made the 89-foot plunge into the warm waters that one competitor described as, “like a swimming pool.” 

The small harbor inside Hell's gate and the areas surrounding the cliff were filled with hundreds of boats, kayaks, jet skis, tubers and swimmers lined up to watch the competition unfold despite temperatures nearing 100 degrees.
(Casey Holder)

The next stop for the touring divers is Ireland where the water will be cold, the wind more intrusive, and it will surely be raining, joked English competitor Blake Aldridge, who although earning a first place podium at the tour's first stop in Cuba, only managed a 10th-place finish in this weekend's competition at Possum Kingdom.   

“It's a pretty lonely place at the end of the platform,” he said. “You're going ninety kilometers-an-hour and stopping in a second, it's unreal.”

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(Casey Holder)