Further details have emerged in the late January killing of pet deer at former Newcastle Mayor Steve Sosinski’s residence.

According to Young County Game Warden Brent Isom, the suspect accused of illegally slaughtering four domestic deer at the Newcastle residence of Sosinski and Jack Cavanaugh is now identified as Bradley Dean Cauffer, 31, from Sulphur Springs.

Cauffer was doing contract work for a company that was remodeling the Throckmorton courthouse.

“He observed those exotic deer on Mr. Cavanaugh’s property right across from the high school, and he elected to come back at a later date and ultimately hunt and kill four exotic, fallow deer,” Isom said. “He did that on four separate occasions.”

Isom said that Cauffer killed two of the deer with a crossbow and another with a compound bow, and added that Cauffer’s goal was to retrieve the heads. Isom said that he had to put down the fourth deer himself after Cauffer only severely wounded it.

“Some of the evidence was retrieved at his workhouse in Throckmorton, and the other evidence was retrieved from Sulfur Springs,” Isom said. “And this was a complicated case evidence-wise because it wasn’t somebody local. So our information sources were limited because this guy basically didn’t know anyone in Young County.”

The case is now being reviewed by Young County Attorney Dayne Miller. Isom said that Miller is confident and has indicated that he wants to move forward with it.

“He’s been instrumental in making the progress on this case move forward into the judicial system,” Isom said.

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