This week on the Hot Seat, I delve into what makes Steers superstar athlete Derek Sides tick, why number 9 is currently his favorite, and the difference between Superman and Iron Man. Oh, and we manage to discuss a bit about one of the greatest seasons the Steers football team has ever had.

Q: This past football season ended in the same round as the year before, the semi-finals. Do you feel like there is a mental block that the team will need to overcome to get past that? Or is it a case of stepping up to that next level?

A: It's not necessarily a mental block. When you get into the final four teams of the state, the competition is elite. I would have considered us elite the past two years. Unfortunately, someone has to end up on the short end of the stick, but we earned our way up there. We played against the State Champions, and they were good. We just didn't come out on top. That happens sometimes. As a team, we just have to work hard and move on.

Q: Reading your posts on twitter and watching you on the sidelines, you have a pretty high energy level - what gets you to that point? What gets you amped up and rolling?

A: Not much gets me amped up. Playing underneath the Friday Night Lights is more than enough to get me hyped. It's an amazing blessing to be a part of a successful football team and under the direction of a first-class coaching staff. There's not much else that can get me going like playing Texas Football.

Q: Football jersey, why #9?

A: At first, my favorite number was 24. When I became a freshman, they didn't have that number. I chose number 9 because New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees wears it. He is one of my favorite players.

Q: Money is no object here - vacation on a beach or snow skiing in the mountains? In addition to that, where would you go? What's a place you've either visited before or have heard about that you would like to go?

A: Definitely vacation on a beach. I love soaking up the sun and running along the shoreline playing catch. Plus it gives me a chance to get a tan and go swimming.

Q: Looking towards life after high school, what do you want to do?

A: After high school, I plan to earn my Bachelor's and become a coach and mathematics teacher. Coaching runs in my family. I love being involved with teenage kids and making a positive impact on their lives.

Q: Batman, Superman, or Iron Man?

A: Iron Man. because my brother, Brian, is the Man of Steel. I decided that if he can be made of steel, I can be made of iron.

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