Like most student athletes in Graham, Steven Kimberling plays many sports, from football to track to baseball, but his true love is basketball.

“Out of all the sports I play, my favorite is basketball because I love the hustle and camaraderie,” Kimberling said. “But most importantly I love to play and watch the game.”

Steven credits his Mom’s tenacity with exposing him to different sports.

“I was really fortunate to get on a select baseball team around the age of 6 all the way up to the age of 14,” he said.

But soon it wasn’t just baseball, as a transition into basketball as a kid quickly developed the game into his favorite sport. Being a freshman is a tough place to be. Kids go from ruling the school as eighth graders to swimming in the big lake of high school as a little fish. Instead of holing back and getting his sea legs about him, Steven jumped right in and started contributing and getting involved.

“I am an active member in Student Council, Spanish Club, DECA, and TSA,” he said.

With a class ranking of 44 out of 144 and a GPA of 3.257, it’s no surprise that Mrs. Mercer’s math class is his favorite at GHS.

“Mrs. Mercer always has a positive attitude towards everything,” Steven explained. After talking to Mrs. Mercer, it’s easy to see why Steven is a dynamic student athlete.

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