Sitting down on the hot seat this week is the first baseman for the Graham Lady Blues, #24, Lanna Plaster. When she's not killing it at the plate, she’s hanging out with family and friends, watching TV, and wondering why in the world some guy at the newspaper wants to interview her. Well Lanna, I do this because I love it, so sit tight and buckle up, and grab a cold glass of tea, ‘cause you’re in the hot seat this week.
 Q: What does it mean to you to be a Lady Blue softball player?
A: Being a Lady Blue to me is like being an Olympian because we all train hard and play harder and the lady blues are fighters and I like that.

 Q: Describe your game prep. What type of routine if any do you have? What gets you amped up and rolling?
A: Well, of course I got to listen to my pump up jam, which is anything loud and rocking, and I spend the whole day focusing on goal at hand.... to win. Another thing that gets me pumped is playing with a group of girls that have my back and I have theirs

Q: You bring a ton of power to the plate and have the ability to go deep with every swing. Do you feel that pitchers pitch differently to you than other teammates?
A: Yes and no, because they pitch to me like they would to other players 'til I prove I’m a power hitter. Then they back off and try to walk me but they don’t know they just lit a fire under all the Lady Blues and the girls come at the pitcher and she is in trouble.

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