Being an energetic teenager in the world today is a tough job in itself, but combine that with a heavy school load, playing high school sports, after school guitar lessons and hanging out with friends and family and you have yourself a bona-fide recipe for stress.

It also accurately sums up Maddi Arispe’s non-stop approach to life, and her motto is simple.

“Sometimes you just have to go with it!” she said. “It’s a roller coaster that we call life, and I want to ride it with you.”

Arispe grew up watching and attending baseball games with her Grandpa, an avid Texas Rangers fan, and thus began a love of baseball that only grows stronger each day.

“I could watch baseball all day without going to sleep, 24/7 or longer, maybe two days if I’m lucky,” she said.

As a Texas Rangers fan she loves Yu Darvish, was sad to see Ian Kinsler traded, enjoys the play of Elvis Andrus and would love to rub Adrian Beltre’s head. But she especially loves to hear the crack of the “BoomStick” when Nelson Cruz goes yard.

She tries to emulate that every time she steps to the plate as a member of the Lady Blues JV Softball team. She’s been playing softball since she was seven and holds down first base for the Blues after spending most of her time in either left or right field earlier in her career.

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