This week, former Graham catcher and linebacker Hunter Hughes is in the Hot Seat. Hughes talks about his time in Graham, baseball, life after high school, what it was like playing high school sports with his little brother and his favorite activities outside of baseball.

Tori: What will you miss about Graham?
Hunter: I will definitely miss the relationships I have made with the entire community. The small town atmosphere has really been a huge part of me while I grew up.

T: Favorite memory from Graham?
H: It would have to be the town reaction during both of our state semi runs [in football]. I've never seen so many fans. It was insane.

T: What was the best part about playing high school football and baseball with your little brother, Hagen?
H: It was actually really awesome playing football and baseball with Hagen. My junior year he played running back so he was on the other side of the ball, but my senior year he played cornerback. When he played defense he was right behind me. Sometimes you hear players talking about a brotherhood between the team, but mine was literal. I knew for sure he had my back. However, sometimes we could fight just like brothers, but, at the end of the day, we made it all right.

T: What got you interested in baseball?
H: Baseball has always been my favorite sport. I just grew up around the game my whole life, but I'm glad my family let me play it!

T: When did you start playing baseball?
H: My grandma tells a story of me being two years old and them throwing me pecans that fell on the ground so I could practice hitting. So I guess you could say since I've been walking.

T: Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?
H: There are a bunch of superstitions I have. I always put on my eye black the same way, left side then right side. I always tie my shoes the same way, left side then right side, always leave the top button of the jersey undone, just stuff like that.

T: Why did you pick Texas Wesleyan? What drew you to its baseball program?
H: The coaching staff at [Texas] Wesleyan really seemed like they knew what they were doing. I feel like they can enhance my game.

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