The 7 on 7 football team earned another award for its performance this summer, this time from the city of Graham.

“We evidently have an extracurricular activity in Graham called football,” Mayor Jack Graham said. “And ours is pretty good.”

The Graham city council honored the back-to-back 7 on 7 state champions at the July 31 meeting. Each player received a certificate of recognition and shook hands with Graham.

Quarterback Landry Turner, who earned offensive MVP honors at the state tournament, was the first Steer honored.

Turner helped the Steers post a 8-0 record at the tournament, including a 47-45 win over Prestonwood in the title game.

“To be recognized by the whole city of Graham for what we did, just winning a couple of football games, it's pretty cool,” he said. “That shows the respect and all the recognition that we get for just playing this game.”

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