County Commissioner Matt Pruitt umpires college softball games in North Texas. He got bumped up to Division I in April.
County Commissioner Matt Pruitt umpires college softball games in North Texas. He got bumped up to Division I in April. (Matt Pruitt)
This weekend, Matt Pruitt, the new color commentator for Graham football on KWKQ-FM's 94.7 KOOL, sits on the Hot Seat. The Young County Commissioner grew up in Breckenridge, where he developed a desire to become a cop. He moved to Graham in 1992, left, and then returned in 2006. The former public address announcer for the Steers and Lady Blues also umpires college softball games. He worked his way up to Division I games in April.

T: Favorite memory from a past Graham athletic season, not football related?
M: It's my daughter's senior year (in 2013) whenever she had her last game up here at the softball field. That was a good memory. Her whole senior year stunk because she blew out her ACL so she couldn't do anything, but they let her go out there.

T: Favorite Graham football memory?
M: It had to be our state year. The whole 2009 season, going to state, playing Carthage. Even though we lost, that was such a cool game.

T: What drew you to being a county commissioner?
M: I really always liked politics. It's not as political as I thought it was gonna be, which is good. It's just a change of pace. I was a cop for 21 years, just something different.

T: Hardest part about being a county commissioner?
M: Anything that goes with any kind of tax increase is a hard thing because that doesn't make anybody happy. Most of my stuff on a day-to-day basis is really pretty easy. I guess commissioners court meetings and stuff like that where we're making decisions for the county is a little tougher. You're making decisions for everybody in the county.

T: What is your favorite part about Graham?
M: I like the people. Christmas on the Square, everything's open. It's kind of like those movies you see and everybody's downtown and they're having a Christmas parade. It's just kind of sweet like that. This is a sweet town.

T: What was your favorite TV show growing up?
M: CHIPs. Adam-12 and CHIPs is what made me want to be a policeman.

T: Why did you want to be a cop?
M: Adventure. It's fun, man. It's always something different every day. It's never come to work and do this and this and this. When you go to work there you don't know if you're going to have a homicide. You don't know if you're gonna have a car pursuit. When you're stopping a car, you don't know what's inside the car. It's different adventure.

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