Just talking football. 

That's all a high school football radio broadcast really requires.

Just a few people who know and enjoy the game enough to spend a Friday night talking about it.

Of course, football has many pieces that must be understood before someone can just start spouting things out. And in Graham, that's a job that isn't taken lightly.

I've been here two months, and it's been made evident through the responses to football-related stories that people here love their Steers football. 

If they can't make it to the game, they still want to feel like they were there, cheering on the team.

Someone has to describe the atmosphere, every bone-rattling play and every score, to people who don't have tickets, painting a picture of the organized chaos that is a Friday night football game.

Someone has to talk football for three or four months.

This season, longtime play-by-play caller Rick Edwards, County Commissioner Matt Pruit and I will do just that. And hopefully we will bring a little more than just Graham Steers football to those who listen.

Edwards has been the voice of the Steers and Lady Blues since before I really knew what a football was, let alone knew how to decipher the game.

Maybe he can teach me a thing or two.


But in all seriousness, the play-by-play man since 1997 will guide this group and make sure we stay somewhat on track.

Pruitt has been the public address announcer for the Steers and Lady Blues since 2010. Moving to the radio as the color commentator won't faze the sports-loving, Breckenridge native.

And why shouldn't he make the move?

“If it doesn't work, then oh well,” Pruitt said laughing. 

He will provide the reaction instead of the cut-and-dry play calling he's done the past four seasons.

That may require a little more preparation.

Or maybe not.

“It won't be too hard,” Pruitt said. “I'll just follow Rick's lead.”

As for me, I will roam the sidelines describing things that are difficult to see from the press box. When Edwards and Pruitt start speculating on what's happening on the field, I will be there to give the facts.

Read the entire story this weekend's Graham Leader.