Brent Homan’s true passion is fishing, but the 35-year-old Graham resident nearly lost the ability to fish after sustaining massive injuries while deployed in Balad, Iraq.

“I was injured in 2007 from an improvised explosive device roadside bomb while driving a Bradley Fighting Vehicle,” Homan said. “I was the Bradley commander, I was in charge of the gun. It’s a three man crew in the back. They can carry up to six dismounts. At the time, it was me and my crew and the platoon. I was standing just above the hatch behind the sniper glass and was holding the handheld GPS in the air.” That’s when the device exploded.

The IED was uniquely shaped, and angled to hit a BFV, Humvee or gunner tank.

“That’s the only reason why it got me is because of the way it was designed,” Homan said.

The explosion didn’t knock Homan out, but stunned him, and he collapsed inside of the tank. It was too dark for him to see his injuries, and he was quickly taken to the next checkpoint where he waited for medical evacuation by plane.

“It felt like my arm was melting,”he said. “I thought I got hit by white phosphorous. When I climbed out of the turret, I could see the extent of my injures.”

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