When Adolfo Gonzales came to Graham 32 years ago, Hispanics could not celebrate Mass in their own language.

“There were no celebrations in Spanish,” he said. “The church was growing with more and more Spanish-speaking people.”

Little did Gonzales dream that he would become the deacon to lead the Hispanic congregations at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Graham and St. Theresa Catholic Church in Olney. Currently, the 56-year-old conducts Mass in Spanish at 1 p.m. Sunday in Graham and at 6 p.m. Saturday in Olney.

Monsignor Raymund Mullan, the priest at St. Mary's, said that Gonzales does a wonderful job.

“As an ordained deacon, Adolfo oversees most of the duties at both churches,” he said. “I can read Spanish, but I can't speak it,” Mullan said. “As my deacon, he can preach, do baptisms, marriages, perform funerals. He's extremely valuable because he's bilingual. He's my channel of communication to those who don't speak English.”

Gonzales also distributes Holy Communion to nursing homes and to the home-bound and makes sure the sick are visited.

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