Employment of registered nurses is expected to grow 26 percent by 2020, faster than the national average for all medical occupations.

Despite that trend, student enrollment at North Central Texas College’s Licensed Vocational Nurse Program (in which students accrue credits to become registered nurses) has not increased in the past two years. In the program, students learn how to become nurses and care for patients at nursing facilities. LVN instructor Nick Bixby said that this year’s batch of students is doing well.


Research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the growth of the nursing occupation continues because of technological advancements, an increased emphasis on preventive care and the aging baby boomer population, who will demand more healthcare services as they live longer and more active lives. Growth is expected in traditional hospital settings, as well as non-hospital settings, such as physician’s offices and home healthcare environments. 

Bixby confirmed that the need for nurses is growing.

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